Vía Célere scoops award at the “Asprima-SIMA Awards 2015”

Via Célere has been presented with one of the annual awards that are granted during the real estate referenced in Madrid, SIMA.

With this recognition, the company is positioned once again as a benchmark in innovation and in the search for new products and processes associated with real estate construction. The project presented in category five, “Innovative initiative in energy rehabilitation of buildings”, refers to the installation of geothermal energy in its new offices with “excess heat “being provided to the adjacent hotel, Claridge, for the production of central domestic hot water (CDHW).

With this agreement, Vía Célere manages to extend the useful life of the geothermal installation, since the excess heat does not dissipate in the ground, avoiding overheating and guaranteeing the operation of the installation for longer and the hotel manages to cover the demand for hot water in the bathrooms of the hotel.

For the president of Vía Célere, Juan Antonio Gómez-Pintado, “having a source of energy as powerful as geothermal energy, it was a pity that we had to miss out on the resources it offers us. I feel very satisfied with what we have achieved. “

The heating and cooling systems in the new Vía Célere offices are made up of a network of pipes running under the structural floor. This system of the active floors that uses the thermal mass of the concrete by incorporating pipe circuits into the structure of the building, transports water used for heating and cooling of the installations. In this way, ceilings, floors and walls noticeably contribute to cooling the environment using the concrete core of the building’s mass to store and release the thermal load.