Vía Célere takes part in the Innovation and Digital Transformation Programme in the real estate sector (Proptech) at IE Business School

Technology and its rapid advances are becoming critical variables in our work processes and essential tools for implementing them. The term Digital Transformation is gaining increasing importance within all companies.

The real estate market is also experiencing this transformation with respect to the more traditional business model. Construction and marketing processes are increasingly adapted to the new demands that exist in the market, which means that the real estate sector does not intend to ignore the digital transformation and disruptive innovation that are happening in other types of sectors.

This is why Proptech was created. Proptech has been defined as an activity sector composed of companies that use a technological component with added value in the real estate sector. Therefore, more and more companies of all types are joining this sector of activity; and smartphones, social networks and digital media are increasingly used in our work environment for carrying out work.

Interest in Proptech is evolving very fast in Spain, and IE Business School has created a programme called: Proptech Advanced Programme: Innovation in the Real Estate Sector. This programme addresses innovation and technology as clearly essential instruments for implementing the transformation of the Real Estate Sector.

Sandra Llorente, Innovation and Industrialisation Manager at Vía Célere, is has taken part in this programme by offering a Master Class on Innovation in the Construction Process.

At Vía Célere, we believe in training as one of the levers towards innovation and digital transformation. For us, it is essential to participate in the training of these professionals in this new environment that is already revolutionising, transforming and professionalising the real estate sector in all its branches of activity.