Célere BAZÁN

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Célere BAZÁN

C/Ramón y Cajal s/n (frente a Plaza Fábrica de Tabacos, 13), 15006 A Coruña, A Coruña, Spain

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Promoción de obra nueva en A Coruña | Vía Célere Bazán
Promoción de obra nueva en A Coruña | Vía Célere Bazán
Promoción de obra nueva en A Coruña | Vía Célere Bazán

Spain, A Coruña, A Coruña

100% sold


Last units available!

Celere Bazan is a new development complex specially designed for your comfort and the ones you love, where every day could be better than the previous one.

We are presenting a new development complex with 68 houses of 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms (currenlty available 3 and 4 bedrooms) with special mention to the gorgeous penthouse of the complex. All houses have a storage room and parking place/s included in the price.

Celere Bazán is a private development complex with an oustanding common áreas with the exclusive Social- Gourmet room for meeting with your friends and family, gym, thematic children´s games room design specially for the little ones, bicycle área, and the innovative Health Area with advanced instrumentation like a defibrillator and an anti-choking unit.

In addition, it includes the new function Célere Wish which, with the help of a partner like Amazon, will allow those living in our developments to use voice control to activate elements both within their home, such as lights, and outside it, such as booking communal areas.

All this is possible thanks to the incorporation of the Smart Home kit, consisting of an Amazon Echo dot speaker, in addition to other devices such as light bulbs and smart plugs

Your house will be your dreamed place to live without having to worry about anything any worries, the perfect combination of common facilities and a very relax environment with all the urban comforts.

In Célere Bazán we have designed every single detail where quality and vanguardist design have meet to créate a unique personal style in this development complex.

The development also has an A Energy rating which means energy saving and environmental sustainability to live your life in an easier way.

Celere Bazán is with no doubt the perfect place to live and enjoy with your loves.   

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  • Bicycles Room

  • Energy Rating A

  • Célere Wish-Alexa

  • Gym

  • Health Area

  • Turnkey

  • Bicycle Parking

  • Parking space

  • Children's Games Room

  • Social-Gourmet Room with Wifi

  • Storage Room



Promocion-de-obra-nueva-en-A-Coruña-via-celere-bazanPromocion-de-obra-nueva-en-A-Coruña-via-celere-bazanPromocion-de-obra-nueva-en-A-Coruña-via-celere-bazanPromocion-de-obra-nueva-en-A-Coruña-via-celere-bazanPromocion-de-obra-nueva-en-A-Coruña-via-celere-bazanPromocion-de-obra-nueva-en-A-Coruña-via-celere-bazanPromoción de obra nueva en A Coruña | Vía Célere Bazán dormitorioPromoción de obra nueva en A Coruña | Vía Célere Bazán cocinaPromoción de obra nueva en A Coruña | Vía Célere Bazán dormitorioPromoción de obra nueva en A Coruña | Vía Célere Bazán BañoPromoción de obra nueva en A Coruña | Vía Célere BazánPromoción de obra nueva en A Coruña | Vía Célere Bazán salaPromoción de obra nueva en A Coruña | Vía Célere Bazán aseoPromocion-de-obra-nueva-en-A-Coruña-via-celere-bazanPromocion-de-obra-nueva-en-A-Coruña-via-celere-bazanPromocion-de-obra-nueva-en-A-Coruña-via-celere-bazanPromocion-de-obra-nueva-en-A-Coruña-via-celere-bazanPromocion-de-obra-nueva-en-A-Coruña-via-celere-bazanPromocion-de-obra-nueva-en-A-Coruña-via-celere-bazanPromocion-de-obra-nueva-en-A-Coruña-via-celere-bazanPromocion-de-obra-nueva-en-A-Coruña-via-celere-bazanPromocion-de-obra-nueva-en-A-Coruña-via-celere-bazanPromocion-de-obra-nueva-en-A-Coruña-via-celere-bazanPromocion-de-obra-nueva-en-A-Coruña-via-celere-bazanPromocion-de-obra-nueva-en-A-Coruña-via-celere-bazanPromocion-de-obra-nueva-en-A-Coruña-via-celere-bazanPromocion-de-obra-nueva-en-A-Coruña-via-celere-bazanPromocion-de-obra-nueva-en-A-Coruña-via-celere-bazanPromocion-de-obra-nueva-en-A-Coruña-via-celere-bazanPromocion-de-obra-nueva-en-A-Coruña-via-celere-bazanPromocion-de-obra-nueva-en-A-Coruña-via-celere-bazanPromocion-de-obra-nueva-en-A-Coruña-via-celere-bazanPromocion-de-obra-nueva-en-A-Coruña-via-celere-bazan

and surroundings

Célere Bazán is a place for enjoying, located in the known neighbourhood Cuatro Caminos, A Coruña. Close to Fábrica de Tabacos Square and Ramon y Cajal Street.

The área is in constant growing and offers many opportunities for leisure and servicies like health centre, big avenues, schools and spaces for entertainment like Europe Park, Forum Metropolitano, Cuatro Caminos Shopping Centre or Cuatro Caminos Fontaine. All lof it at your fingers hand.

Célere Bazán also has a perfect coomunication with the main roads of the city like Pasaje Avenue  and just one step from the bus station.