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Vía Célere y Ashoka se unen por la innovación social

Vía Célere and Ashoka start up "Future of Cities"

· March 22, 2018 |

In 2017, Via Celere established a general partnership with Ashoka to implement a strategy of social innovation within the company, which makes Via Célere a motor for economic and social change within the real estate sector and allows us to strengthen our commitment to social responsibility with the Sustainable Development Goals as a framework.

In order to do this, it is necessary to convert Vía Célere into a Changemaker Company and a reference in social innovation.  

To become a Changemaker company it is essential:

  • To know what social problem can be solved through the business object
  • To have employees perceived as intrapreneurs, as changemakers who are connected to their work commitment
  • To collaborate with social enterprises, governments and/or sectoral organisations
  • To generate a measurable impact on the contribution to solving a problem on a large scale

Together with Ashoka, we are launching the "Future of Cities" project with the aim of promoting a transformation to make cities more inclusive, resilient and sustainable.

Cities are teeming with progress in the 21st century but there are many problems that threaten their sustainable growth.  In 2015, around 4 billion people (54% of the world population) lived in cities and projections indicate that number will increase to approximately 5 billion by 2030.  These processes entail substantial difficulties such as lack of access to decent housing, pollution, uncontrolled urban growth, social exclusion and therefore inequality and poverty.

It is necessary to promote innovation in cities to allow our society to progress socially and economically through the generation of employment, access to housing, innovation and environmental sustainability.

Therefore, we will work by focusing on the city framework as the central axis of social innovation, supporting young entrepreneurs with transformative ideas who are leading a social project linked to sustainability in cities. Through mentoring with Vía Célere employees and acceleration processes, we will strengthen the impact capacity of these young people and their projects and give them the tools to achieve them.

Stay tuned for upcoming news!

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