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Cristina Ontoso en Inmotecnia Rent

“We want the customer who enters our Experiential Office to undergo a different experience”

· May 25, 2018 | Vía Célere


Inmotecnia Rent was held in Barcelona on 23 and 24 of May. This event is unique in Spain and it aims to discover the new technologies and trends applied to the real estate sector.  If there was a clear protagonist this year, it was theProptech.

The event has also had a full agenda of round tables, talks and debates in which various professionals in the sector covered interesting topics about new technologies applied to the real estate sector.

Cristina Ontoso, Commercial, Marketing, Communication and Customer Service Director, took part in the event in an interesting round table, called “Success Stories in Proptech”. In the round table, Cristina was accompanied by Elena Ger, Director of Marketing and Communication at Altamira, Mireia García, Director of Innovation at Forcadell and Jeanne Massa, CEO and Co-Founder of Habiteo.

Cristina's presentation revolved around Experiential Offices at Vía Célere. Within the sector, Vía Célere is already identified as a company that is ready to transform the traditional concept of a sales office, “we have opted for Sensory Marketing, neuromarketing, to sell homes. We want customers who enter our showroom to undergo a different experience, we want them to see what their future home will be like through an experiential circuit, a tour around different spaces, where we spark their emotions and sensations. In each area of the circuit we highlight everything that the customer takes into account when buying a home.”

Cristina informed us about the latest innovation we have introduced in Vía Célere's experiential offices: they are industrialized, and this has some advantages. Industrialized offices are modular buildings that are installed completely finished, only requiring the connection of the facilities in just one day; they can be reused in any other location without leaving a trace and are better for the environment; the building has all the technical specifications and, in addition, at Via Célere we have our own industrialization division.

Later it was time to talk about the customers and how they rate the visit to our Experiential Offices: “Customers rate this innovative and differentiating sales tool very positively. They are surprised to find something like this when they arrive at the showroom. They truly consider it a differential value that allows them to get an idea of what their future home will be like”, said Cristina during her presentation.

To finish, Cristina commented on how we view Innovation at Vía Célere: “We are the ones who generate resistances. At Via Célere we are encouraged to innovate and improve our processes and products, to implement, make mistakes and rectify is the only way to innovate.”

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