Rosa Peña, General Operations Manager at Vía Célere, took part in the round table on the commitment of developers to sustainability in residential buildings

As part of the event organised by El Mundo Su Vivienda on 12 June: “Energy Efficiency in the Real Estate Sector in the 21st century”, a round table took place, which was attended by Rosa Peña, General Operations Manager at Vía Célere on “the commitment of developers to sustainability: residential buildings

Rosa Peña shared the discussion panel with industry professionals such as Jose María González Romojaro, Technical Manager of Aedas Homes and Juan Carlos Bandrés, General Manager of Grupo Lobe.  The round table was chaired by Inés Lean, Editorial and Development Manager of Grupo Tecma Red.

The event revolved around how real estate developers are committed to innovative processes to develop their projects. In a few years the European Union regulations will come into force, in which the homes that are built will have Almost Zero Energy Consumption. Although there is still some time to go, there are already dozens of buildings developed by Public Administrations, private developers and cooperatives that go beyond the regulations.

In this respect, Vía Célere is a Pioneer in the area of sustainability of dwellings: “Since we started out, more than ten years ago, at Vía Célere we have strategically opted for innovation as a key factor in the development of our business. As a result of our commitment, we have spent years developing and delivering homes with energy rating A. We even have some examples already, such as our development in Villaverde, which we have just delivered, in which we have already achieved results that position it as an Almost Zero Consumption Building”, said Rosa Peña to those attending the round table

And not only in the area of Almost Zero Consumption, at Vía Célere we use technologies such as District Heating in Diagonal Port, renewable energies such as aerothermal and geothermal, our developments have thermal facades, dual-flow ventilation, etc.

Another issue addressed at the round table was whether the Spanish real estate sector is prepared to take on the challenge of transforming the sector that we are witnessing, in which people are the focus of attention. Homes are designed, built and marketed with their needs and well-being in mind. During this transition, we have become aware of our responsibility in sustainability: “Accelerated urban growth means that the real estate sector consumes 32% of the world’s energy and emits one fifth of CO2 emissions“, explained Rosa Peña.

In the case of Vía Célere, we have assumed this challenge through our innovation processes that we develop in each phase of the construction process. Therefore, “from the time of definition of the project, we work with BIM. In the construction phase we implement LPS methodology and introduce real industrialisation processes that minimise waste of materials, water and energy, “Rosa told those attending the event.

At Vía Célere our focus is always on the customer and this is why we think about the savings involved in buying a home from us. “The cost for the customer is also positive because their energy bills are lower and they have the convenience of owing a sustainable and healthy home,” Rosa Peña pointed out.

Rosa ended by defining what we know about our customers: “Our customers demand efficient homes, but we know that there is still some way to go. If we asked the people in a room how much their car consumes, 90% would know this information. However, if we ask how many KW they have contracted at home and what the impact is on their electricity bill almost no one knows. Therefore, at Vía Célere we continue to work on the dissemination of energy efficiency as an essential value in 21st century homes.”