Sandra Llorente, Director of Innovation and Industrialization at Vía Célere, discusses the initiatives led by the Real Estate Sector in the field of Innovation, on Capital Radio.

On 20 September, Sandra Llorente, Iván Rodríguez, Fernando Herranz, Ángel Fernández and David Botín spoke on Capital Radio about the challenge facing construction in terms of innovation.

As Sandra Llorente pointed out, “the biggest challenge we face in the sector is process innovation. The construction process must be manufactured to the greatest extent possible, depending on the project’s individual characteristics.”

In Sandra’s words, this innovation, affecting production models in the Real Estate Sector, is directly related to the intangible assets of large companies, which must invest in their own innovation. It is not only a question of taking advantage of the “know how” of other companies, but rather of backing innovation within the company. Only in this way will it generate value and be profitable in the long term.

In 2012 Vía Célere created the Industrialized Systems Division, where existing systems are studied and verified, as well as the needs of the developer’s world. But it was not until 2014 when the developer creates its own factory of industrialized systems, manufacturing industrialized bathrooms and kitchens, systems that are already implemented in the Vía Célere developments. This step has led to a reduction in handover times and, above all, an improvement in quality and safety.

 “Single-family homes have already received major development, but in multi-family construction there is still a lot to do” this is the challenge according to Sandra Llorente, and she concluded that “It is important that companies invest in R&D, intangible assets will be companies’ greatest value to be sustainable and profitable”.