Vía Célere, also seen from the sky

  • The company has put the finishing touch to the Célere Villaverde development with the inclusion of its logo on the roof.
  • In this way, a panoramic vision of the logo is obtained from geolocation applications, online map services and satellite images.
  • The logo symbolises a Greek agora through which Via Célere shows its own DNA.

Vía Célere puts the finishing touch to the Célere Villaverde development with the incorporation of its logo on the roof of the building, which measures approximately 11x17m. The main objective of the inclusion of the logo is to achieve a panoramic view from the above via geolocation applications, online map services and satellite images. To give it shape and consistency, 4mm thick stones have been used with the corporate colours of the company: white, grey and orange.

The Vía Célere logo represents an agora, the place where the Greeks discussed trade, culture and politics. In this way, the philosophy of the company is shown, which is constantly searching for innovative projects when it comes to building its homes. 

According to Cristina Ontoso, Commercial, Marketing, Communication and Customer Service Manager “At Via Célere we want to be everywhere and proof of this is the installation of the logo on the roof of Célere Villaverde. This help us to have the philosophy of Vía Célere breathed in every corner, even from up above”.