Vía Célere Innovation Room: Dual-flow ventilation

In old times, houses were ventilated naturally through cracks in the walls, windows that did not close properly, clearance gaps in front doors as well as conscious ventilation by opening the windows to refresh the air, which lowered the comfort of the interior temperature.

Currently, the improvement in quality of building construction and the current trend mean that homes are more airtight and it is necessary to carry out correct ventilation to ensure the quality of the indoor air, without losing the comfort temperature and seeking an improvement in energy efficiency.

The Spanish regulations (CTE-DB-HS) that affect the construction of new buildings require the installation of ventilation systems that guarantee a minimum level of indoor air quality, which implies a constant outside air intake, which in turn has a significant negative impact on energy efficiency, since the “clean” air that enters the house is at the outside temperature and achieving the desired interior temperature is costly, as well as acoustic comfort because all the outdoor noise is coming directly in.

At Vía Célere, since 2015, the individual dual-flow ventilation system has been introduced, which consists of introducing the “clean” air from the outside (whatever the outside temperature) at a comfortable temperature, thanks to the effect of the heat exchanger and the preheating system; in summer the by-pass is activated generating free cooling at night, and the “clean” air enters the home at a lower temperature than indoors.

Therefore it is a system that ensures good air quality without the need to open the windows of the home, which ultimately affects the heating and leads to important savings, reaching up to 30% in an area like Madrid.

But this is not the only point in which we were pioneers. At Vía Célere innovation is in our DNA, discover this and all the other innovations carried out over the years at celereinnova.es