Vía Célere Innovation Room: Experiential and Sensory Sales Offices

The reactivation of the residential market, the growing demand for new construction or the change in consumption habits, have meant that since 2015 Vía Célere has opted for the inclusion of Sensorial Marketing when selling homes: offering the customer an experience that moves away from the traditional way of selling to plan, raising emotions through the five senses and enhancing everything the customer takes into account when buying a home.

For this purpose, we implemented the so-called experiential offices and the industrialized development of pilot flats, which were far from the traditional concept full of details in order to help the customer to imagine what their day-to-day life would be like in their future home.

In this experiential circuit, the customer will find 5 themes divided into different stations:

  • Virtual Visit: in which, via an App, they can view the building, see the common areas and visit the interior of a home interactively
  • External common areas:  The customer can touch the grass, the water, all accompanied by smells that recreate the sensation of those places.
  • Interior Common Areas: the customer can see the recreation of the Social-Gourmet Room, an icon of Vía Célere developments
  • Discover your Home: in this room the customer will learn about the constructive details of the home, as well as the benefits of the A Energy Rating.
  • Customize your home: at this point, via the App, the customer can access different customization options and view in real time how each of the proposals they select on the screen will look, in addition to visiting the material display room to see the textures in detail.
  • Once the experiential visit is over, the customer can take a guided tour of the pilot flat and see everything in detail.

Undoubtedly a differential experience, which focuses on the customer and allows them to examine all the important points to take into account when buying a home.

But this is not the only point in which we were pioneers. At Vía Célere innovation is in our DNA, discover this and all the other innovations carried out over the years at celereinnova.es