Vía Célere presents its new virtual office platform

  • Thanks to the integration of the new Havalook tool on its channels, Vía Célere will offer real estate project presentations in a fully virtual, integrated way through video calls.
  • According to the Vía Célere Housing Observatory, 42% of Spaniards choose to carry out part of the home buying process online, but with a visit to the point of sale during one of the phases.

Vía Célere strengthens its digital channels to ensure the best service to its customers by adapting to the new needs and preferences of the market, marked to a large extent by the limitations of geographical mobility due to the COVID-19 situation.

The implementation in its channels of the new Havalook tool, which has been carried out as a pilot test for the project Célere Villaviciosa de Odón, is a sample of Vía Célere’s commitment to digitalisation and their effort to offer the best customer service.

This integral Online Sales Office Platform and Virtual Show Home offers the possibility of taking a visit assisted online by a commercial advisor in real time and obtaining all the technical and contractual documentation necessary to facilitate the sale of a property in a new 100% digital environment. “The objective is to replicate the traditional real estate sector commercial model to the online environment while maintaining the user experience at the highest level “adds Antonio Alcaraz, Managing Partner of Avanza Comunicación, creators of the Havalook platform.

The combination of face-to-face contact and digitization is key. 

Among the conclusions of the Vía Célere Observatory of housing in Spain it has been found that 42% of Spaniards say they would choose to carry out part of the online purchase process, visiting the point of sale during any of the phases, i.e., combining the purchase online and offline. On the other hand, 11% of Spaniards would be willing to carry out the entire purchase process virtually, while 47% still prefer to carry out the entire process in person.

Greater digitization among the population with higher incomes

According to the study, 18% of Spaniards with high incomes would be willing to buy a home completely virtually, while as purchasing power decreases, so does the choice to buy online, falling to 11% in cases of those with low and middle incomes.

According to Cristina Ontoso, Commercial, Marketing, Communication and Customer Service Director at Vía Célere: “We are aware of the importance that technology is gaining in the sector and therefore, we work to continue on the path of innovation and offer the best service to our customers, always adapting to new circumstances”.

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