Vía Célere promotes new technologies to carry on working during the coronavirus lockdown

  • The company has created the #Yomequedoencasa area, a repository of information of interest to help employees to foster productivity by working from home.
  • Vía Célere has also contacted customers who have payment protection insurance to remind them that they can activate it if they are affected by a temporary lay-off plan.

Vía Célere has reinforced all its digital channels to guarantee service to its customers while protecting the health of its employees and suppliers, during the time that the lockdown measures to fight the coronavirus remain in place.

In this way, the company has applied digital signature so that its customers can continue to sign their reservations and contracts, as well as any other document pending formalisation. In addition, they are continuing to offer advice by telephone and video call to answer questions and keep them informed.

Likewise, virtual visits are also one of the tools that is being most appreciated by its customers. This system, which Vía Célere has been using since 2015, makes it possible to carry out a full interactive viewing, with 360º vision, not only of their future home, but also all the common areas and surroundings of the development.

“At Vía Célere we are committed to our customers and we want to be by their side during such an important process in life as buying a house, even in such extraordinary circumstances as the current ones. This is why we have chosen to reinforce all our digital tools to help customers to maintain as much normality as possible and ensure that we answer all their queries” said Cristina Ontoso, Commercial, Communication, Marketing and Customer Service Director at Vía Célere.

Caring for employees

Vía Célere, which is maintaining all its office activity electronically, has created, at internal level, the space called #Yomequedoencasa, a section of its intranet that includes information of interest for its employees such as: medical consultations from home, administrative documents, additional IT solutions, etc. Added to this is a section with practical tips for fostering productivity from home, giving its professionals tools to motivate their involvement in the company and in turn protect the good performance of their work.

“We know that in these circumstances, in which relaxation and work areas are combined, can be complicated for employees. This is why we want to provide our workers with all the mechanisms and tools to make their time in lockdown more comfortable without it affecting company productivity and customer service”, Ontoso added.

Protecting customers

The developer has also contacted customers who have the “Payments & Resale Protection” insurance, which was included in the sale of some of its developments, to remind them that this service protects them in the event of non-payments on the purchase of their home when they are in a situation of unemployment, such as those caused by a temporary lay-off plan or a redundancy plan. In addition, this payment protection insurance also covers hospitalisation or incapacity scenarios.

This insurance also protects Vía Célere customers who have it against any financial losses incurred due to the early sale of their home. This product covers up to 20% of the selling price, with a maximum amount of 30,000 euros, as long as the customer has to sell their home in the years following the purchase for one of the following reasons: unemployment, professional relocation, multiple birth, divorce or separation from partner, death and absolute permanent incapacity.

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