Vía Célere receives two certificates highlighting its commitment to R & D

Vía Célere, promoter specializing in the development, investment and management of real estate assets, has received two R & D certificates issued by a company accredited by ENAC, for industrialized bathrooms and modular facades, which is carried out through its Conspace area of ​​industrialization projects and process innovation. In this way, the real estate developer receives recognition for their commitment to implementing and developing new techniques, becoming at the same time one of the first in the sector to receive this type of certification.

Vía Célere started the research and development of the industrialized bathrooms in 2014 and this has represented an advance in the most traditional construction processes. These are high quality modular systems manufactured on assembly line controlled environments. The implantations of industrialized bathrooms have a unique assembly system since the work is completely finished, clean and tested.

The benefits are multiple. On the one hand, this system translates into the reduction of construction deadlines and the efficiency of manufacturing time, which means that for every 80 bathrooms the developer saves a month of construction time. In addition, it has other advantages in relation to traditional bathrooms such as indirect cost reduction, high quality finishes that have lower reworking incidences, flexibility to adapt it to buildings that are not designed for it or the after-sales service.

The development of the modular facades also began to be carried out in 2014 and is a revolutionary system of industrialized construction that improves the thermal characteristics of the façade, helping to obtain the energy rating A. In this way, Vía Célere is committed to creating and implementing increasingly efficient systems, achieving more sustainable buildings that are committed to the environment.

According to Sandra Llorente, Director of Conspace “Receiving these certificates is further proof that we are doing our job well. From the beginning we have opted for an innovative business model that is based on the development of projects that, in addition to providing quality and efficiency, represent an advance and discovery in new construction processes. Receiving this recognition is a motivation for all those who form Vía Célere and pushes us to continue working on the investigation of new techniques to meet the demand of owners and future customers and contribute to the environment “