Vía Célere, the first real estate developer to introduce electronic signature in Spain

  • The technology will be applied for all Vía Célere transactions and contracts
  • With its implementation, the developer hopes to increase its security and speed up deadlines as well as leading the professionalisation of the sector

Vía Célere,Vía Célere, a developer specialising in the development, investment and management of real estate assets, will become the first new generation developer in Spain to replace handwritten by electronic signature in all contracts. With this initiative, it demonstrates once again its strong commitment to innovation in its business model.

Electronic signature will be implemented in its advanced form, both for internal documents of the company, and in external documents that involve third parties, including contracts with suppliers and clients.

With this, it hopes to streamline its organisational procedures, implement the use of secure electronic transactions in the process of electronic signature of documents, as well as guarantee their custody through the intervention of a Trusted Service Provider.

To achieve this, Vía Célere has hired the services of the Branddocs company, which uses eSignLiveTM and TrustCloud technology and is currently the only comprehensive provider of technology solutions with a specific cloud for identification, signature and safe custody of electronic documents. The solution adopted by Vía Célere complies with national and European regulations and with the strictest international security and compliance standards. Therefore, from a legal point of view, the advanced electronic signature that is being implemented at Vía Célere is even more effective than the handwritten signature itself.

In the words of Juan Antonio Gómez-Pintado, CEO of Vía Célere, “Innovation has been in the DNA of Vía Célere right from the start and we are continually looking for ways to provide new technology solutions for each phase of the work process. Our end client is always present at the centre of each strategic decision and the implementation of the electronic signature allows us to offer greater guarantees of security and speeding up the deadlines that, ultimately, affect their satisfaction”.