With the CO2 saved in Via Célere developments you could go around the world by car 157 times

  • The developer’s commitment to energy efficiency has reduced the CO2 emissions of their homes by 31%.
  • The saving in CO2 is equivalent to the emissions that an average vehicle would produce when travelling 6.3 million kilometres.
  • The company highlights the importance of constantly innovating in the construction model to minimize its environmental impact

In the last four and a half years, all Via Célere developments have emitted close to 2,700 tons of CO2, representing a reduction of 31% if they had been built with a lower energy rating. These lower emissions are achieved thanks to the company’s commitment to ensuring its developments have the highest energy rating (A) and, as a whole, the savings achieved are equivalent to the emissions that an average car would give off travelling more than 6.3 million kilometres or, in other words, doing 157 laps around the world.

In addition to reducing emissions, Vía Célere buildings generate energy savings of up to 89% and 60% in Domestic Hot Water when compared to an average building in the current housing stock.

To achieve such a significant reduction in emissions, the developer has been committed to innovation since its creation to try to provide the highest energy efficiency standards to its buildings. In this sense, it performs a rigorous selection of materials, and has incorporated renewable energies, such as geothermal energy, into its developments, or innovative technologies such as dual-flow ventilation, meaning greater savings in consumption for customers.

In fact, according to data from Vía Célere, the decrease in consumption associated with an A energy rating development leads to savings of more than €1,300 per year, taking as reference an F energy rating home in the Community of Madrid.

In the words of Miguel Pinto, Director of Strategy at Via Célere “these figures show the importance of committing to developments with high energy ratings. Not only is it necessary for the environment, but it also represents an important economic saving for the customer”. He also added: “From the sector we have the responsibility of constantly questioning our construction model to achieve the maximum reduction in its environmental impact. For this reason, at Vía Célere we continue to innovate in search of new solutions to make it possible, and we hope that these success stories will serve as an incentive for the rest of the sector”.