Familiar with the experiential offices of Vía Célere?

At Vía Célere we are proud of many things, but if there is one thing that we are really satisfied with, is to have revolutionized the concept of a sales office in the real estate sector.  Therefore, our experiential offices are sustainable, innovative and have an experiential circuit where you can learn about important features about the promotions which leave no one visiting them indifferent.

When visiting a Via Célere office, you experience that care we put into our offices and feel at home. If you want to know what our experiential offices are like, read on.

What are our experiential offices like?

Our experiential offices are different. And what makes them truly different is the experiential circuit where you can discover what Vía Célere promotions are like.

By accessing an experiential office, you access a spacious and comfortable space where the workstations of our commercial advisors are located, a waiting area and a play corner so that children do not have to stay at home, and can accompany parents to the visit. The model also has its own space, since it usually attracts the attention of our visitors.

Want to know what our experiential circuit is like?

Visit our experiential circuit for a more in-depth presentation of our differentials. On the one hand, with Célere Lifestyle, using a presentation of the common areas, divided into outdoor areas such as the swimming pool, the children’s park or the sports and indoor areas such as the Social-Gourmet Room, the Children’s Games Room, the Beauty Salon or the Cinema; you can also enjoy a virtual tour in great detail of the development, the presentation of the interior design consultancy with the latest trends in decoration by the studio VG Living or bespoke designs.  In addition, some of our experiential offices have a show floor to give the idea of ​​spaces, qualities and distribution. On the other hand, with Célere Innova, there will be a presentation of how we build in the construction section, and how we achieve excellent energy and economic savings in our homes, using renewable energy such as geothermal and aerothermal .

All this so as to partake in an unequalled experience for the 5 senses to make the visit more stimulating:

  • Through the sense of smell, we create emotions for our clients. Smell can influence the mood and behaviour of those visiting our sales offices.
  • With music we stimulate your hearing. It is well known that a good song can generate a situation of well-being, relaxation and tranquillity. That’s why we put music in our offices, so that our visitors feel at home.
  • The client is able to experience in our show houses, both the qualities and the spaces and distribution of the dwelling. You can get an idea of ​​what your home will be like.
  • Through the different devices that we put at your disposal in our offices, you can access Social Networks profiles to get to know and understand our brand better; through these tablets we stimulate the sense of touch.
  • All this, while enjoying a delicious coffee.

History of our experiential offices

Experiential offices are not a new concept for Vía Célere.  We have been working on them for more than 3 years and, in addition, we have been updating and innovating them with the latest trends. Here are all of them!

The first Experiential Office was inaugurated in Barcelona in 2015. In this office, you can visit everything Vía Célere offers you with different train stops.  This office was awarded with the Asprima Award at SIMA in 2016.  You can see the video of the Màgoria office here.

Barcelona 2015The experiential office in Madrid we inaugurated in 2016. In this case, the office was built to let it be known that it offers you a Via Célere development that others cannot. Watch the video here.


During 2017, we have been working to include new features and have developed two new experiential offices in our promotions Célere Cortijo Norte and Célere Sant Feliu.

For 2018, we continue innovating and we will continue incorporating innovation that we’ll let you know about little by little.